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Transportation Specialist Job Description

September 8, 20120 Comments

Transportation Specialist Job Profile and Description A transportation specialist is in charge of maximizing the effectiveness of the domestic transportation network by planning strategies to lower costs, increasing efficiency of the drivers and other logistics issues, and by catering to client’s demands and satisfaction. Duties and Responsibilities A transportation specialist develops and sustains positive client […]

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Telecommunications Specialist Job Description

August 7, 20120 Comments

Telecommunications specialist Job Profile and Description Telecommunications specialists design voice and data communication systems according to their clients’ needs and requirements. They also supervise the installation of these systems and then assist the clients on how to maintain the system and advise on service after the installation takes place. They should only solve technical problems […]

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Vehicle Parts and Supplies Specialist Job Description

August 1, 20120 Comments

Vehicle Parts and Supplies Specialist Job Profile and Description The role of a Vehicle Parts and Supplies Specialist is very important as they perform various functions in automobile plants and service centers. They supervise and maintain a thorough parts inventory and supply the parts to the auto manufacturers and repair centers. This profile demands a […]

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Equipment Control Specialist Job Description

July 21, 20120 Comments

Equipment Control Specialist Job Profile and Description The job of an Equipment Control Specialist is to fulfill the responsibility for managing all the electronic testing tools, inventory and spare components. Such professionals mainly work at production units. People for this position are answerable for the high quality and standards on electrical as well as digital […]

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Adoption Specialist Job Description

June 28, 20120 Comments

Adoption Specialist Job Profile and Description An Adoption Specialist’s job involves providing foster care and complete adoption services to families and helping in the assessment, recruitment, and certifying of adoptive families. Their main objective is to build families by assessing child or birth family, acquiring social and medical backgrounds, assessing applications and conducting home studies. […]

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Social Marketing Specialist Job Description

May 16, 20120 Comments

Social Marketing specialist job description and profile A Social Marketing Specialist performs the duties of online promotion for a company. They promote business through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter etc. They post messages about company products and services on sites like these and help grow business and increase more revenues. Social Marketing specialist […]

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Internet Marketing Specialist Job Description

May 16, 20120 Comments

Internet Marketing Specialist Job Profile and Description Today, the importance of online marketing has increased significantly. Now, all kinds of businesses promote products & services on the internet to increase sales & boost revenues. Companies hire people to market and promote their products on the internet. An internet marketing specialist has to perform various duties […]

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Skin Care Specialist Esthetician Job Description

May 2, 20120 Comments

Skin Care Specialist/Esthetician Job Profile and Description Skin Care Specialists are trained to specialize in the care, prevention and treatment of skin diseases and disorders for both medical and cosmetic purposes. Licensed cosmetologists are qualified to become Skin Care Specialists. They work in beauty and health care clinics to treat facial skin disorders like acne, […]

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Social Media Specialist Job Description

April 26, 20120 Comments

Social media specialist job description A social media specialist has to be responsible for all the social media related publicity for the organization like managing twitter and Facebook pages. This is a full time job and involves spending most of the time on the internet. Social media specialist duties and responsibilities The duties and responsibilities […]

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Pesticide Specialist Job Description

April 10, 20120 Comments

Pesticide Specialist Job Description and Profile   The job profile of a ‘Pesticide Specialist’ involves stocking up, organizing, mixing and applying pesticides and other chemicals complying with the local, state, federal laws & regulations. They work for eradicating the growth and propagation of unwanted plants to control the problems of insects and rodents in creeks, […]

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