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Sports Marketing Job Profile and Description

August 30, 20130 Comments

A Sports marketing manager’s job is to help manage and develop promotions, advertisements and strategic partnerships related to sports activities. He is also responsible for carrying out these activities and operates sports programs across school, colleges and various organizations. Duties and Responsibilities Responsible for the marketing of various sports activities via advertisements, promotions, merchandising or […]

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Sports Marketing Job Description and Profile

August 6, 20130 Comments

The sports marketing team is responsible for managing and developing strategic partnerships, advertisements, promotions, direct emails, events and assessing these programs across various organizations, colleges and schools. The manager who takes care of sports marketing has to identify and manage key strategic partnerships while working in good terms and closely with the Marketing Director of […]

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Sports Medicine Job Description

April 16, 20120 Comments

Sports Medicine Job Description and Profile Sports Medicine is the field constituting the sciences associated to the treatment, care and prevention of injuries related to sports. Within this greater field, sports medicine professionals specialize in one area of work like clinical medicine, athletic training, physical therapy, sports nutrition, massage therapy, orthopedics, psychology and so on. […]

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