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Sports Marketing Job Description

May 16, 20120 Comments

Sports Marketing Job Profile and Description Sports promotion job helps to manage and develop special offers, ads and ideal relationships related to activities. An activity promotion administrator is accountable for undertaking these activities and he also performs sports programs across school, institutions and various organizations. Duties and Responsibilities Sports promotion administrator is accountable for the […]

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Sports Administration Job Description

April 16, 20120 Comments

Sports Administration Job Description Sports administrator’s role in a company is to handle all things from reception work to personnel or marketing work, or even managing a club to ensure smooth running of the sports company. Sports administrator’s major responsibility is to focus on running sports facilities and conducting events. Duties also include promotion of […]

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Sports Medicine Physician Job Description

November 29, 20110 Comments

Sports medicine physician job description and profile The sports medicine physician is responsible for the diagnosis of the injuries and other health problems of a sportsman. The sports physician has the duty to suggest the sportsmen a recuperation plan in times of injury. He or she needs to oversee and take care of the comprehensive […]

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