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University Student Job Description

July 17, 20120 Comments

University student job description and profile University students enroll in jobs on a part time basis in order to earn credits and some amount of money. The job also gives them the experience and adds value to their resume. They can work in any of the departments in the university – from assisting professors in […]

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Student Supervisor Job Description

July 12, 20120 Comments

Student Supervisor Job Description and Profile Though most of us believe that teachers and a principal are enough for a school, but student supervisors are also necessary for the smooth functioning of the school since often it is seen that students bunk schools and avoid completing their homework. In such a situation, a student supervisor […]

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Student Counselor Job Description

July 11, 20120 Comments

Student counselor Job Profile and Description A student counselor plays a very important role in any educational institution. He may not be directly involved with teaching, but gives advice and guidance to students about their personal or academic life. As students are also increasingly under stress these days, counselors help them deal with the pressures […]

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