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Supermarket Job Profile and Description

September 24, 20130 Comments

A variety of jobs are always in store for the supermarket workers. A supermarket job includes work at branch stores, warehouses, or at the business offices. A number of workers such as book keepers, accountants, secretaries, clerks and typists are employed for the super market jobs. There are absolutely innumerable and uncountable works to perform […]

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Supermarket Sales Job Description

June 16, 20120 Comments

Supermarket sales job profile and description This job requires complete knowledge about the retail industry. Supermarkets involve chain operations – branch stores, warehouses, and a central office for business operations. The most common positions are salespersons, clerks, bookkeepers etc-etc. Some also work in the warehouses or work as deliveryman. Supermarket sales duties and responsibilities The […]

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