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Warehouse Supervisor Job Description

November 3, 20120 Comments

Warehouse Supervisor Job Profile and Description The profile of a Warehouse Supervisor is that of maintaining and overseeing all the functions of the storehouse and ensuring smooth operations of all activities. An individual of this profile also requires handling and maintaining warehouse workers and adhering to necessary safety and legal procedures of working. Most warehouse […]

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Telecommunications Supervisor Job Description

August 7, 20120 Comments

Telecommunications Supervisor Job Description and Profile Under general supervision, the job of the Telecommunications Supervisor includes the supervision of installation and maintenance of electronic telephone system and other related tools and equipment. He consults with other officers in providing telephone services and other related training. The Telecommunications Supervisor plans and creates changes in the systems […]

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Pharmacist Supervisor Job Description

May 28, 20120 Comments

Pharmacist, Supervisor Job Description and Profile Under general direction, the job of Supervisor Pharmacist involves planning, organizing and coordinating various pharmacy tasks. The Supervising Pharmacists dispenses and compounds pharmaceutical medicines as well as prescriptions. He likewise performs related tasks and duties when requisite. Duties and Specifications May serve as in charge, assuming full accountability for […]

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Manufacturing Supervisors Job Description

April 18, 20120 Comments

Manufacturing Supervisors Job Profile and Description The ‘Manufacturing Supervisor’ job involves watching the manufacturing activities. It requires taking care of the production related activities according to the engineering specifications, budgets, quality standards, manufacturing goals and staff safety. They are involved in planning, organizing, and directing the manufacturing activities to achieve superior productivity complying with goals […]

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