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Student Supervisor Job Description

July 12, 20120 Comments

Student Supervisor Job Description and Profile Though most of us believe that teachers and a principal are enough for a school, but student supervisors are also necessary for the smooth functioning of the school since often it is seen that students bunk schools and avoid completing their homework. In such a situation, a student supervisor […]

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Security Shift Supervisor Job Description

June 26, 20122 Comments

Security shift supervisor Descriptions and Profile The security supervisors often function in shift duties in order to make the security process function smoothly. They need to make arrangements for weekly offs and shifts of every security personnel in charge of maintaining the security of the organization. Starting from training the new recruits & reporting to […]

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Retail Supervisor Job Description

June 6, 20120 Comments

Retail supervisor job description and profile The job of a retail supervisor is to manage the staff and merchandise of the store. He also deals with customers and sorts the problems if any. He reports the performance and functioning of the store to the retail manager. Retail supervisors are of two kinds – those who […]

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Drilling Supervisor Job Description

May 22, 20120 Comments

Drilling supervisor job profile and description A drilling supervisor supervises the drilling operations in onshore and offshore drilling. He ensures that the operations are being carried out as per schedule, that safety precautions are in full measure and that the objectives set for the drilling operations are fulfilled. Drilling supervisor duties and responsibilities The duties […]

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Office Cleaner Supervisor Job Description

May 15, 20120 Comments

Office Cleaner Supervisor Job Profile and Description This job profile involves handling cleaning activities of an office. They work and manage a team of cleaners who undertake the job of cleaning a building. They have to supervise the work of their team members, and make sure everything is in order and, the facilities are clean. […]

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Media Supervisor Job Description

April 25, 20120 Comments

Media supervisor job profile and description The media managers, directors or supervisors of a organization are responsible for all the publicity and press releases that concerns the use of media, like forming advertising and marketing strategies, create ad profiles, study the market trends and see that the organization gets effective media coverage. Media supervisor duties […]

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