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Watch Repair Technician Job Description

August 16, 20120 Comments

Watch Repair Technician Trainee Job Profile and Description You don’t really become a Watch Repair technician fresh out from vocational school and get immediate trust from customers to bring their Omega or Breitling watches to you for repair. It takes years of apprenticeship under a veteran master who already enjoys a wide customer base and […]

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Radio Mechanic Technician Job Description

August 3, 20120 Comments

Radio Mechanic/ Technician Job Profile and Description The Radio Mechanic or Technician not only can operate the reception and broadcast functions of a radio system, he/she can also repair, troubleshoot, disassemble and assemble parts of a radio communications equipment. Radio mechanics can be found employed in precision electronic equipment repair and maintenance industry, the telecommunications […]

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Lab Research Technician Job Description

May 31, 20120 Comments

Lab research technician job description and profile Lab research technician are required in all fields of scientific study like medical lab, chemical lab, biotechnology lab and physical science lab, etc. Their job mainly revolves around conducting experiments as per the instructions of the scientists and documenting results. Lab research technician duties and responsibilities The duties […]

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Products Pharmacy Technician Job Description

May 29, 20120 Comments

Products pharmacy technician job profile and description Working as a products pharmacy technician requires the individual to be careful about the processes that they undertake. Patients require the highest standards of care. The industry is now under scrutiny given the costs that are charged to the public. This is a role that requires someone that […]

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Geological Technician Job Description

May 22, 20120 Comments

Geological Technician Job Description and Profile A major component of the geological technician’s job profile includes conducting work on the field. The skills and training are applied in researching and analyzing new sites for oil and other discoveries. He or she may work in minefields and require staying on site for several days at a […]

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Broadcast Technician Job Description

April 23, 20120 Comments

Broadcast Technician job profile and description A broadcast technician is a person who looks after the equipments used for broadcasting in a radio or a television station. These equipments also include transmitters. They maintain the equipments and checks whether any repair is required so that there is no interruption in transmitting radio or television shows […]

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