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Veterinary Technologists Job Description

May 29, 20120 Comments

Veterinary Technologists/Technicians Job Profile and Description Veterinary Technologists conduct medical tests in a pharmaceutical or laboratory research environment with the goal of harnessing pharmacological products in the treatment and diagnosis of animal disorders. They prepare vaccines and serums for the prevention of animal diseases and sickness. Veterinary Technologists/Technicians Duties and Responsibilities Observe, monitor and document […]

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Robotics Technicians Job Description

April 12, 20120 Comments

Robotics Technicians Job Profile and Description Employed in high technology, high volume manufacturing plants such as in the automotive and semiconductor companies as well as in pharmaceutical and research companies with high risk laboratories, the Robotics Technician is responsible for installing and maintaining robotic equipment to ensure undisrupted operations. They are also found in large […]

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