Ambulance Technician Job Description

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Ambulance Technician Job Description and Profile

This profile is also known as ‘Emergency Medical Technician’. An Ambulance Technician has to perform duties like assessing injuries, managing emergency health care, and getting trapped individuals out. They primarily help to bring ill or injured people to clinics or, hospitals. They also offer instant support to victims of critical sickness or accidents. They have to provide medical services at crisis scene, in ambulance, on way to hospital, and in an emergency room.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Managing first-aid treatments and providing care to injured people or sick in pre-hospital setting.
  • Providing the emergency medical care at the sight and, moving victims to the medical facilities.
  • Performing emergency medical treatments and diagnostic procedures – heart monitoring airway supervision, and stomach suction, on a moving ambulance.
  • Operating equipments like external defibrillators, EKGs and bag-valve mask ventilators in difficult life-support environments.
  • Upholding medical and communication equipment, and also automobiles as well as restock first-aid materials and other equipments.
  • Carrying out drugs, by needle or orally, in addition to carrying out intravenous procedures under the direction of a doctor.
  • Watching, videotaping, and describing to doctor the condition or trauma of patient, the therapy supplied, as well as the counteractions to therapy in addition to medicine.
  • Synchronizing work with additional medical team members in ambulance, fire and authorities division personnel.
  • Immobilizing client or sufferer for placement on ambulance transportation as well as stretcher, utilizing backboard or any kind of vertebral immobilization gadget.
  • Washing interior of ambulance following the therapy of infective infected individual and also reporting circumstances to appropriate authorities.

Skills and Specifications

  • Complete knowledge of basic medical procedures to provide medical support
  • Able to understand medical instructions for emergency.
  • Good written & spoken communications skills
  • Good decisive thinking and problem-solving skills.

Education and Qualifications

  • A High school diploma in Biological sciences
  • Certification in Ambulance Technician-Training program

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