Cable Contractor Job Description

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Cable contractor job profile and description

The Cable Contractor job involves installation, maintenance and repairing of telecommunication cables. They may be involved in installation or sales of cables, and can either be hired by a company or can work independently. They deal with installing telecommunication cables used for television and internet connectivity. It involves area evaluation for cable installations.

Cable contractor duties and responsibilities

  • Telecommunication cables installation
  • Performing maintenance and repair of cables
  • Ensuring proper connectivity for users
  • Travelling to the customer’s places to install cables
  • Installing cable accessories

Cable contractor skills and specifications

  • Complete knowledge about different kinds of cables and the right installation methods
  • Complete knowledge about electrical and electronic applications
  • Ready to travel to different areas to install cables
  • Ability to decide the best way or route of laying the cable
  • Good communication skills
  • Ready to work during holidays and weekends when customer complains

Cable contractor education and qualification

  • A high school degree
  • A diploma or bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering
  • Course in telecommunications technology is a plus

Cable contractor salary

The average salary of a Cable Contractor is $55,000.

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