Concert Audio Technician Job Description

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Concert Audio Technician Job Profile and Description

There is a requirement of a set of equipments for audio amplification, reproduction and recording for every live pop or rock concert.  This work is done by a Concert Audio Technician – they are employed by 3rd party entertainment companies which provide these services to concert organizers and talent managers. These professionals are mostly educated in consumer electronics or engineering, and they have to make sure that the musical performance of an artist becomes a great musical experience for the audience. They use different audio gears for their work.

Concert Audio Technician Duties and Responsibilities

  • Watch special work hours to concur with concert tour requirements
  • Fit in, and control professional-grade audio amplification, recording and reproduction equipments.
  • Support recording companies for interfacing audio and video recording systems
  • Solve technical problems and repair concert audio equipments during slack seasons,
  • Guide and manage newly hired trainee audio technicians
  • Make concert support accomplishment reports for all schedules and non-routine works to ensure accurate and timely accounts to concert organizers.

Concert Audio Technician Skills and Specifications

  • Extensive technical skills for installing, operating and maintaining professional high power public amplification systems
  • Must be able to understand medium complexity diagrams and instructions in maintenance manuals
  • Ready to work long hours and travel to far off places to install audio amplification and reproduction systems

Concert Audio Technician Education and Qualifications

  • An Associate or Bachelor’s degree in electronics, audio reproduction technology and related fields
  • A 3-5 years apprenticeship or work experience in the installation and maintenance of live concert audio equipments

Concert Audio Technician Head Salary

The average salary for a Concert Audio Technician is about $52,000.

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