Dental Lab Technician Job Description

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Dental lab technician job description and profile

The Dental Technician job involves assisting a dentist by following their orders and preparing dental crowns, bridges, moldings of the gums and teeth, prosthetics and fake teeth. They use various materials in order to arrange dental accessories.

Dental lab technician job duties and responsibilities

  • Filling out the orders of the dental professionals as well as putting up oral dental add-ons like false teeth, bridges in addition to crowns
  • Looking into and also using assorted products like plastic, wax, steel, porcelain and also precious metals like gold in addition to silver for development of the add-ons
  • Investigating the most effective techniques for making the needed products
  • Making orthodontic components that secure and mend teeth
  • Restoring false teeth, bridges, crowns in addition to prosthetics
  • Maintaining to date with the most recent advancements in products as well as alloys utilized for making orthodontic materials

Dental lab technician job skills and specifications

  • Complete knowledge regarding the various devices used for the groundwork of dental items
  • Complete know-how regarding the products made use of in the making of the dental products
  • Thorough expertise regarding the criteria to be kept while generating the dental add-ons
  • Capacity to grasp the condition of the dental practitioner
  • Extreme precision and brilliance in work
  • Potential to perform within the provided time repressions
  • Potential to study consistently in addition to carry out the brand-new technology in job
  • Potential to zero in on the root of the issue and also patch the dental care items
  • Need to be imaginative as well as artistic

Dental lab technician education and qualification

  • A bachelor’s degree in dental engineering

Dental lab technician salary

The salary of a dental lab technician ranges from $25,000 and $65,000 per annum.

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