Dental Technician Job Description

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Dental Technician Job Description and Profile

A Dental Technician works with the oral health team and, has to provide back end office support and maintenance to the dental practitioners. They build and restore dental equipments like bridges and crowns. They rarely communicate with patients. They make designs from mouth or teeth imprints of an individual. Most oral specialists prefer to focus on areas like bridges, fully fake teeth, partially fake teeth, ceramics, and orthodontic equipments. They work in public or private dentistry services like dental labs, private dental clinics etc.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Build up various devices like addressed as well as completely removable prosthesis including bridges, false teeth, crowns and so on.
  • Collaborating with various products such as porcelain, wax, gold, stainless steel, and other materials.
  • Constructing in addition to carving by having devices like presses, lathes, drills, in addition to high temperature enclosures for creating prosthetic equipment.
  • Making partial in addition to total dentures for clients by having their all or some missing out on teeth.
  • Making crowns to reconstruct root channel made ready teeth as well as making laminates to boost functions as well as aesthetics.
  • Using the digital or shape perception to prep a plaster design or model of the mouth or teeth of individual.
  • Designing as well as producing prosthetic that fits flawlessly within the mouth of patient.
  • Ensuring that the created prosthetic precisely matches design in addition to color of the first tooth of person.
  • Working with various supplies to implement all tooth substitution stages.

Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to respond to difficult and complicated patient conditions.
  • Effective communication with dentists and patients.
  • Maintain brief, timely and accurate confidential records of patients.
  • Good time management skills to handle the clinical and administrative duties.
  • Be ready to work long hours, and under pressure.
  • Strong decision-making and practical skills.
  • Ability to develop dental appliances effectively.

Education and Qualifications

  • A High school diploma in dental technology related field
  • Certification in Dental Technology

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