Electrical Engineering Technician Job Description

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Electrical engineering technician job description and profile

The job of an electrical design technician is to administer the principles of electrical engineering to manufacture, restore as well as change electrical devices. Electrical design technicians disclose to electrical engineers and observe their guides. The experts might be employed either by businesses that create electrical devices or by strength generation firms.

Electrical engineering technician job duties and responsibilities

  • Supporting the technological know-how team in producing, establishing in addition to producing electrical products in addition to hardware
  • Prepping designs and blue prints of electrical equipments as per the model styles
  • Assembling in addition to setting up electrical equipments
  • Taking up repair jobs of electrical hardware
  • Making on site calls in situation of electrical troubles like short circuits and also power breakdown as well as examine the causes & fixing them
  • Analyzing electrical complications and also mending them
  • Testing electrical circuits as well as ensuring their security
  • Recording any type of kind of electrical troubles and also disclosing them

Electrical engineering technician skills and specifications

  • Very good understanding related to efficient application of electrical architectural ideas
  • Very good knowledge concerning the utilization of devices used of in the progression and patch of electrical equipments
  • Good know-how of math concepts and science and also their application in electrical architectural
  • Excellent understanding about security cautions entailed while working high dynamic electrical hardware
  • Good knowledge regarding the codes, guidelines, regulations and also standards of electrical devices
  • Capability to appreciate instructions, believe significantly, diagnose problems and offer troubleshooting solutions
  • Ability to find out on the job

Electrical engineering technician education and qualification

The education and qualifications of an electrical engineering technician are:

  • A High school diploma with math and science as core subjects
  • Vocational or certification course in electrical engineering
  • A Bachelor’s degree is good for future prospects

Electrical engineering technician salary

The average salary of an electrical engineering technician is $46,500 per annum.

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