Electrical Technician Job Description

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Electrical Technician Job Description and Profile

An Electrical Technician uses electrical theory or associated knowledge in screening as well as customizing working or developmental electrical command circuitry and also equipment and electrical machinery in commercial or industrial plants and labs etc. They carry out a variety of knowledgeable jobs in the building, model, installation, routine maintenance, calibration, testing, and repair of digital command processes as well as electrical processes. Electrical experts change electrical standards in order to manage detailed variances under the basic path of an Electrical Engineer.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Fixing as well as switching out substandard components in power generators, motors, storage batteries, controllers, switchboards, changes, conductors, as well as additional electrical fixtures.
  • The installation of, maintaining, as well as patching electromechanical, electrical, and digital components of machinery and hardware, featuring transformers, generators exciters, and also hydraulic as well as pneumatic tools.
  • Carrying out precautionary repair and also maintenance of field, plant, as well as electronic outlet and electrical techniques, gadgets, devices and components.
  • Examining solid-state circuitry to uncover defective aspects in electronic digital and analog devices and also changing substandard components.
  • Building advancements as well as significant upgrades to plant electrical subsystems and subsystems.
  • Taking advantage of concentrated electronic digital video cameras as well as thermo graphic imaging to perform infrared analysis as well as examination of field equipment.
  • Building as well as customizing electric motor strength control equipment circuits, browsing and also translating blueprints, wiring plans as well as schematics.
  • Readying schedules and synchronizing tasks by having other divisions as well as areas.
  • Preparation and also laying job orders or job from instructions, using illustrations, blueprints, and illustrations.
  • Making make sure that the accurate and also appropriate completion of all precautionary service responsibilities.

Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to detect and perform effective courses of action to complete the assigned job.
  • Potential to work out independent judgment.
  • Potential to build as well as sustain strong functioning partnerships with others.
  • Ought to be able to exam, calibrate, diagnose, as well as mend numerous devices.
  • Very good communication as well as organization talents.

Education and Qualifications

  • A Degree in Electrical Technician related field
  • Certification in Electrical Technician field

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