Heavy Equipment Operator Job Description

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Heavy Equipment Operator Job Description and Profile

Under direction, Heavy Equipment Operator’s job involves carrying out skilled work concentrated on the operation of substantial devices taken advantage of in the building and routine maintenance of public works, paths and flood command facilities. They direct routine maintenance employees when needed and, also carry out related activities and duties.

Duties and Specifications

  • Runs heavy duty equipments includes loaders, electric motor graders, excavators, bulldozers, scrapers, steel rollers, flake spreaders and cranes on numerous types of flood command, route and also land-fill ventures.
  • Carries out service and replacement of heavy equipment.
  • Service of roadway such as slashing, sloping and also branding of shoulders and roadbeds.
  • Compacts path areas and performs many other kinds of path development and also routine maintenance affairs.
  • Works on the flood command and also repairs and maintenance such as clearing of soil as well as rocks from channels and performs other operations on flood command and also repairs and maintenance.
  • Helps and also performs stable waste disposal such as packing and also loading in order to build grade.
  • Work diesel-powered blend or mobile home and tractor on a rotating basis.

Skills and Specifications

  • Should have the best talents and knowledge in mechanical problems, repairs and maintenance of a variety of massive gas and diesel powered building hardware.
  • Should recognize how to perform and abide by with heavy development processes.
  • Can work, and maintain heavy devices.
  • Able to fully study as well as use department methods and procedures.
  • Able to understand the written and verbal directions

Education and Qualifications

  • 2 years of work experience in full-time operations and maintenance of heavy duty type of construction equipment; or,
  • 1 year work experience performing tasks and duties equivalent to that of Maintenance work – the operation and maintenance of heavy duty construction equipment; or, the
  • Education, experience and training that offer skills, knowledge and abilities required to handle the Heavy Equipment Operator job.
  • A valid State Driver’s License (Class A).

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