HVAC Technician Job Description

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HVAC technician job description and profile

The full form of ‘HVAC’ is – Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning. The HVAC technician performs the duties like controlling the heat or weather of inside part of a building by setting up and maintaining machines used for HVAC functions.

HVAC technician job duties and responsibilities

  • Installation and routine maintenance of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipments in an interior site
  • Regular evaluation of the gadgets to see that they are performing optimally
  • Determine and patch issues emerging in heaters, refrigerators and also additional heating system as well as cooling gadgets
  • Sale of HVAC equipment
  • Reviewing and also grasping the wiring of the structure in order to set up the equipment
  • Sustaining the equipments and also devices used to build HVAC devices
  • Advising purchase of required hardware

HVAC technician job skills and specifications

  • Solid expertise regarding numerous gadgets attached to HVAC operations
  • Good knowledge related to the tools and additional hardware and repair HVAC techniques
  • Knowledge of processes that are utilized to moderate HVAC gadgets like push-button controls, mobile phones and also laptop computers
  • Understanding of physical abilities like welding, soldering, fabrication and also brazing
  • Ability to travel long distances to service customers
  • Potential to read building maps and also find out the most reliable ways to put up HVAC
  • Great analytical reasoning and also connection skills

HVAC technician job education and qualifications

  • A license and a certification course from a recognized institute in HVAC management. This can also be done as an apprentice program with on the job training. Trade schools also offer this training.

HVAC technician job salary

The salary of a HVAC technician ranges from $10 and $30 per hour.

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