Instrument Technician Job Description

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Instrument Technician Job Description and Profile

Instrument Technician is an individual who works in the health care, or pharmaceutical markets. The technician’s main duty is to restore all hardware or gadgets required to execute medical diagnoses, medical examining, analysis, and treatment. They prepare schematic drawings, records, as well as illustrations to mirror alterations or modifications made in medical devices, materials, and processes. They work with electronic repairs and maintenance service providers, which service medical gadgets or equipments used by medical professionals.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Keeping, adjusting, and restoring a variety of equipments in pharmaceutical and medical businesses.
  • Executing frequent routine maintenance of tools and equipments for medical exams, therapy, and analysis.
  • Making certain that the equipments are functioning effectively and are accessible and obtainable at all times.
  • Managing patient monitors, health imaging equipment, electric powered wheelchairs, defibrillators, ultrasound devices, as well as optometric, dental as well as ophthalmic equipment.
  • Corresponding with certain parts of equipment using numerous tools like laptops, multimeters, specialized programs and so on to perform their work.
  • Addressing or readjusting malfunctioning hardware like cracked wheelchair by utilizing hand devices, electric devices, as well as soldering irons.
  • Adjusting the hydraulic or mechanical elements, or adjusting the software application in order to bring the tool back in to calibration.
  • Ensuring that the sophisticated medical equipments used by the doctors to test and diagnose individuals, reviewed precisely.
  • Keeping a protected, clear, as well as effective work atmosphere in accordance with policies and also procedures.
  • Establishing as well as preserving good interpersonal relationships with other division employees.

Skills and Specifications

  • Understanding of pharmacology, physics, and chemistry.
  • Ability to find out specific piece of hardware in a timely as well as precise method.
  • Ability to handle complex work environment.
  • Effective communication skills

Education and Qualifications

  • Associate degree in engineering or biomedical equipment technology
  • Bachelor’s degree in biomedical instrument technology related field
  • Certification in Medical Instrumentation is a plus.

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