Mapping Technician Job Description

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Mapping Technician Job Description and Profiles

Under the supervision, the job of a Mapping Specialist requires putting together, drafting as well as modifying assorted types of maps. The Mapping Technician furthermore produces visual images and performs additional relevant jobs and works required of him to do.

Duties and Specifications

  • Uses the COMPUTER-AIDED-DESIGN mapping process to plot, draw, draft, as well as customize maps by making new roadways, adjustments in names, parcels and additional components.
  • Changes and also transforms old district and also location guides by contrasting these photocopies to recognized studies as well as files.
  • Updates and develops overlay maps to show very important information and also data as water, topography, boundary as well as many other kinds of environmental components on base guides at several scales.
  • Supports in the progression of coordinated guide techniques, presenting of water distribution and path classifications to be made use of by concerned agencies like the Fire Division.
  • Checks on the dimension and reliability of boundaries and whole lots on guides.
  • Looks into legal selections, deeds and other formal varieties of reports and documents in the verification of land headlines just before making maps.
  • Revises as well as modifies map indexes.
  • Upgrades official zoning as well as land usage maps.
  • Helps the general public in locating any type of estate and discovering map and also study.
  • Produces preliminary and also final sketches and styles of new freeways, neighborhood layouts, playgrounds, freeways, parking places and also public jobs.


Skills and Specifications

  • Equipped to establish overlay guides with the use of land utilization resources, preparing hardware and devices.
  • Develop camera-ready artwork in the creation and also creation of charts, organizing reports as well as graphs.
  • Should understand spoken as well as written directions.
  • Should recognize just how to carry out general aerial photographic interpretation.
  • Ought to realize how to use a computer system.
  • Have the ability to manage CAD mapping process, geographical information process as well as computer graphics enticing program.
  • Be able to perform harmoniously with other staff

Education and Specifications

  • Have passed at least eight semester units of college cartographic and graphing presentation and training; or,
  • 1 year of related experience in either drafting of maps or preparation of graphic illustration and design.

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