Mechanical Technician Job Description

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Mechanical technician job description and profile

This profile involves handling the machines at a manufacturing facility and making sure that they function properly. The mechanical Technician performs installation of machines and machines parts, and takes care of the maintenance and repair works.

Mechanical technician job duties and responsibilities

  • Installment, repairs and maintenance and repair of machines and parts
  • Testing equipments and also troubleshooting in case of problems
  • Putting together machines
  • Having involved in the appliance structure process from the blueprint period and also arranging the development of the project
  • Perform works features like welding, soldering, brazing and working with lathe equipments
  • Recording the performance of each machine with respect to ingestion and also output and also provide it to the administration
  • Suggest techniques to enhance the performance of appliances
  • Maintenance of the hardware demanded for installment and also replacement of equipments

Mechanical technician skills and specifications

  • A solid know-how relating to the simple working ideas of various kinds of appliances
  • A safe expertise about installation and replacement of tools and the correct utilization of the tools
  • God understanding concerning the safety precautions while collaborating with machines
  • Solid expertise relating to the acceptable standards to be sustained for equipments
  • Capacity to study and zero in on the source of difficulty as well as correct the complication
  • Potential to perform in a group involving engineers, appliance architects, scientists and employees

Mechanical technician education and qualification

  • A high school diploma with a certification course or a vocational course in mechanical engineering concepts
  • Work experience in various subordinate levels in industry operations

Mechanical technician salary

The average salary of a mechanical technician ranges from $45,000 to $51,000.

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