Microbiology Technician Job Description

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Microbiology technician job description and profile

Microbiology is a branch of study involving parasites like bacteria, fungi and bug. The Microbiology technician researches and investigations pathogens for the kind of effect they have on humans’ habitation like food, health and atmosphere. They use advanced equipments to investigate the development and life pattern templates of microorganisms.

Microbiology technician job duties and responsibilities

  • Studying and reviewing the aspects like designs and functions of various entities as well as examine their impact on food items, water and environment
  • Readying societies for the growth of entities as well as making use of them to prepare pull solutions effective to man like vitamins, amino acids as well as prescription antibiotics
  • Researching the designs of plant and also pet cell behavior
  • Categorizing the pathogens according to their varieties and also programs
  • Doing breakdown using chemicals and additional materials
  • Readying records based upon the findings of the research
  • Making use of the records to create new solutions
  • Offering solutions to authorities and also confidential ventures for examining of samples

Microbiology technician skills and specifications

  • A solid understanding regarding the principles of microbiology in certain and scientific discipline in overall
  • Sound knowledge pertaining to chemical testing methods, toxicology as well as the right disposal of societies
  • Potential to read as well as apprehend technological reviews and guides
  • Capacity to observe specialized directions
  • Really good communication abilities to advise as well as grant lectures to juniors
  • Superb reasons, logic, and investigation abilities
  • Great coordination as well as company abilities
  • Good technical writing abilities to prepare records

Microbiology technician education and qualification

  • A bachelor’s degree in microbiology
  • A master’s degree helps for future prospects and a PhD is essential to carry out independent research

Microbiology technician salary

The average salary of a Microbiology Technician is $70,000 per annum.

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