Patient Care Technician Job Description

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Patient Care Technician Job Description and Profile

Patient Care Technicians perform, oversee and report patient care depending on set up criteria, under the guidance of doctors, nurses, or other healthcare specialists. They provide the direct individual care in various healthcare atmospheres. They help patients with various tasks like getting out of the bed, having meals, brushing their hair and teeth, and taking a bathe while staying in facilities like clinics, hospitals, care-giving centers, or long-term care facilities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Performing or supporting the client or patient for personal hygiene chores – bathing, grooming, skin care, dental hygiene, dressing, and also toileting requirements.
  • Performing or helping client or individuals with certain medications or treatments, which are ordered, self controlled by the doctor, and monitored & approved by a registered nurse.
  • Checking vital signals as adumbrated in the care deal and also reporting any type of variant from normal readings to a designee or Nurse in a well-timed method.
  • Watching and reporting any slight adjustments in the customer or person’s intellectual, bodily, or property condition or mental affliction to a designee or Nurse practitioner in a well-timed way.
  • Performing demanded documentation as well as submitting it to the healthcare group in a reasonable and also accurate way.
  • Entering into compulsory in-service education and learning classes and also patient care meetings as requested by the health care team.
  • Trying to advertise the clients or customer’s intellectual performance by involving them in tasks.
  • Aiding in standard repairs and maintenance of a safe and healthful environment.

Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to read & understand operating and maintenance procedure guides.
  • Capability to interact efficiently with doctors, patients and also others.
  • Ability to handle intricate troubles or health problems of clients.
  • Ability to apply & calculate fee, percent and ratio to interpret and draw bar charts.

Education and Qualifications

  • High school diploma in health care related field
  • Certification in Nurse assistant or Health care technician is a plus

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