Radiologist Technician Job Description

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Radiologist technician job description and profile

The job of a Radiologist technician is to conduct various medical tests on patients such as X-rays, CAT scans, and MRI scans and, a many other imaging tests. They have to follow the doctor’s prescription and provide the results of the performed tests within the specified time period.

Radiologist technician job duties and responsibilities

  • Abiding by the doctor’s prescription to follow the necessary exams
  • Clarify to the patient the procedure entailed in the exam
  • Maintain exceptional accuracy in job so to give accurate results
  • Prepping the patient’s body for the exam by dealing with it by having popular guards anywhere essential
  • Preserving the devices used for tests in best condition as the faulty equipments give wrong  results
  • Interpretation of the tests carried out as well as compose a report after recording fractures, unnatural development as well as tumors in the body
  • In situation of urgent, making residence calls by having the equipment and carrying out exams
  • Creating the flicks used in the exam for interpretation of outcomes

Radiologist technician job skills and specializations

  • Sound expertise concerning the different medical tests techniques
  • Capacity to study, interpret as well as report outcomes
  • Complete knowledge about the precautions to be taken just before each exam
  • Capacity to connect well with the patients in order to explain the treatments to them without having them worried
  • Capability to work under unexpected emergency time repressions
  • Ability to operate if called during an emergency

Radiologist technician job education and qualifications

  • A associates or bachelor’s degree in radiology
  • A certification course on radiology that may vary between 1 and 4 years

Radiologist technician job salary

The average salary of a Radiologist Technician is $43,435 per year.

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