Radiology Technician Job Description

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Radiology Technician Job Description and Profile

Radiology Technician is a professional, who carries out a variety of activities on a routine basis. The primary obligation of a radiology specialist is to take CAT scans and X-rays or, oversee nonradioactive objects into blood stream of patient for diagnostic purposes. Most radiology technicians have a preference to specialize in one area of work like ultrasound, computed tomography, and appealing resonance.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Examining as well as reviewing video clip tape, x-rays, or computer-generated data to establish whether images are sufficient or not for indicative functions.
  • Positioning imaging devices and readjusting controls to set up exposure distance and time, according to the specified examination.
  • Operating or supervising operation of magnetic and radiologic imaging hardware to generate images of the customer’s body for all indicative reasons.
  • Supervising the afflictions and also reactions of patients, describing virtually any unnatural symptoms to the doctor.
  • Prepping paper as well as pointing out scan sequences, readjusting receivers and transmitters or bring down certain images and getting in the data into home computer.
  • Recording, processing, keeping patient treatment and data files etc.
  • Utilizing radiation protection equipments and precaution to make certain safeness and security of team and patients.
  • Readying as well as administering injected or oral comparison media to the patients and also taking thorough prompt and precise medical history of patients.
  • Tracking video display of scanning place and readjusting comparison or density to boost the photo reliable.
  • Carrying out minor unexpected emergency repairs as well as arranged maintenance on radiographic devices.
  • Working together with other medical team members, like nurses and also doctors, to perform exclusive vascular or angiography procedures..

Skills and Specifications

  • Knowledge of radiographic devices and its operation.
  • Understanding of procedures to obtain practically diagnostic prints.
  • Should know how to liaise efficaciously with patients
  • Ability to manage complex work environment.
  • Excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Education and Qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent in Radiology technology related field.
  • Certification in Radiology technology

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