Tire Technician Job Description

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Tire technician job description and profile

A Tire Technician has to test the efficiency and toughness of a tire before t is used in a vehicle. They have to make sure the safety factor in a tire so that it can be successfully used in a vehicle and bear the weight. This job profile involves preparing records on the performance of the tires.

Tire technician job duties and responsibilities

  • Examining the strength and efficiency of tires
  • Fixing the tire to autos as well as testing their performance
  • Performing a set of durability resolutions tests on the tires like compression examining and also their capability to hold weights for determine the protection and usability aspects
  • Testing the tires on the roadway
  • Patching damages in the tires
  • Fixing as well as replacing valves and slits in the tires
  • Recording test results and preparing reports fr future reference and, presenting it to the management

Tire technician skills and specifications

  • Complete know-how pertaining to tire toughness testing techniques and the regular specifications that the tire layout needs to follow
  • Sound understanding about the replacement as well as upkeep of tires
  • Great analysis skills to find out faults in the tire designs
  • Good troubleshooting skills and decision making capacities
  • Good knowledge relating to the tools and appliances used for altering tires in large vehicles as well as the safeness cautions
  • Good association as well as correspondence skills
  • Bodily strength to work with massive tools and lift weights

Tire technician education and qualifications

  • A high school diploma with a certification course in Tire Technology

Tire technician salary

The average salary for a tire technician is around $30,000 per annum.

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