X-ray Technician Job Description

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X-ray Technician Job Description and Profile

The job of an X-ray Technician is to perform radiological tasks in abidance by with the X-ray department and legitimate conditions. The major responsibility of X-ray specialists is to take and develop x-ray images. Under the directions of a doctor, they execute selected laboratory, nursing, office, and also administrative duties that help for the successful delivery of patient care as well as key healthcare administration.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Readjusting and specifying radiographic controls to the recommended specifications for accurate timing of being exposed and also controlling the intensity and also duration of film direct exposure.
  • Creating, correcting, cleaning, as well as drying laid open films utilizing drying  devices and film processing.
  • Positioning and restraining patents and taking X-rays of their body parts as required by the doctors.
  • Picking suitable ionizing facets for radiological diagnosis.
  • Examining X-rays for photo clarity and re-taking X-rays when required.
  • Performing infection control treatments and process the works
  • Circulating films to physicians or medical team.
  • Keeping documents like patients’ records, monthly records, as well as daily logbooks.
  • Keeping quality & quantity control checks to reassure that X-ray unit meets needed standards.
  • Safeguarding patients and other divisions from radiation risks.
  • Cleaning, keeping, and making minor adjustments to radiographic devices, that includes checking for repairs in the equipments.
  • Keeping radiographic films, materials, and equipments.
  • Asking for, retrieving and tracking information from and to other centers or departments.
  • Scheduling appointments for patients requiring examinations like CAT scans, nuclear medication, and ultrasound.

Skills and Specifications

  • Should know how to operate modern x-ray equipments.
  • Should work in coordination with other staff
  • Should be able to make intelligent and accurate observations.
  • Should be able to convey and present information to doctors and other medical staff.

Education and Qualifications

  • A High School diploma in radiological technology.
  • Certificate course in X-ray technology from an accredited institution.

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