Cellphone Technician Job Description

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Cellphone Technician Job Profile and Description

A Cell Phone Technician offers service to the growing markets for cellphone and smartphone products. While most models can be considered throwaways, and a few are sturdily built to survive careless use or abuse, many do suffer technical problems that can prompt their repair over their lifetime. Thanks to Cell Phone Technicians who work either as a freelance or employed in cellphone dealers, problematic cellphones can be repaired. These specially trained technicians troubleshoot what is necessary a radio receiver/transmitter in the cellular range to restore damaged units to near-new quality for a fraction of the cost of getting a new one, especially among the mid-to-high end smartphone models.

Cellphone Technician Duties and Responsibilities

  • Examine cellphone unit and observe operation until an initial suspicion is developed to open up the unit and perform further checks using electronic hand tools and prescribed testers.
  • Ensure that all pertinent repair and testing tools and appliances are in proper working condition.
  • Determine parts to be replaced and provide cost estimates to the client prior to starting any work.
  • Update client on the progress of troubleshooting and append initial cost estimates when necessary.
  • Observe regular work schedules to achieve optimum work productivity
  • Attend training courses on new developments in cellular telephony and technologies.

Cellphone Technician Skills and Specifications

  • Should have adequate knowledge in RF and cellular operating technologies (GSM or CDMA)
  • Should have above average comprehension skills to follow medium complexity instructions in cellphone repair.
  • Should have strong computer proficiency, both hardware and software, and peripheral devices used in the repair of cellphones.

Cellphone Technician Education and Qualifications

  • A vocational course of associate degree in electronics, radio and computers or their equivalent in experience is necessary.
  • 2-3 years of apprenticeship with cellphone technicians gives an advantage.

Cellphone Technician Salary

A Cell Phone Technician earns hourly remuneration that adds up to an average of $53,330 annually according to Salary List. This depends on the organization one is working for, the level of experience and the state where employed.

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