PBX Installers Job Description

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PBX Installers Job Profile and Description

PBX installers are a type of telecoms equipment installers who are tasked with installing private branch exchange (PBX) switchboards that relay incoming, outgoing, and interoffice telephone calls in a single location or group.

PBX Installers Duties and Responsibilities

  • Install switches and switchboards as well as the required frame supports, connecting the equipment to power lines and communications cables and install.
  • Test the connections to ensure that adequate power is available and that the communication links work properly.
  • Install equipment such as power systems, alarms, and telephone sets.
  • Install software to program the equipment to provide specific contracted features.
  • Perform tests to verify that the newly installed equipment functions as expected.
  • In case of problematic operation, determine whether it is located within the PBX system or whether it stems from the telephone lines maintained by the local telephone organization.
  • Install voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) systems if the PBX is equipped for internet connection using the company’s computer wiring to run Internet access, network applications, and telephone communications.

PBX Installers Skills and Specifications

  • Familiarity or exposure with the specific telecoms equipment being marketed
  • Should have excellent management and organizing skills
  • Should have ability to perform initial diagnosis and troubleshooting in the installation process if there are problems encountered in the test
  • Should have thorough knowledge regarding the more common telecommunications systems, protocols and equipment used

PBX Installers Education and Qualifications

  • A 2-4 year post-secondary vocational education in electronics or computer technology is essential
  • A BS degree in Computer Engineering, or related engineering courses gives an advantage and is often preferred by large telecoms organizations.
  • A few years experience in the operation of telephone equipment is an advantage and is preferred.

PBX Installers Salary

The average annual salary for telecommunications equipment and PBX installers is around $57,900. The middle 50% earned from $46,000 to 66,000. The bottom 10% earned around $33,500 while the top 10% had more than $71,000.

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