Radio Mechanic Technician Job Description

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Radio Mechanic/ Technician Job Profile and Description

The Radio Mechanic or Technician not only can operate the reception and broadcast functions of a radio system, he/she can also repair, troubleshoot, disassemble and assemble parts of a radio communications equipment. Radio mechanics can be found employed in precision electronic equipment repair and maintenance industry, the telecommunications industry, electronics and computer stores, government, and other industries that require in-house telecoms services.

Radio Mechanic/ Technician Duties and Responsibilities

  • Take out problematic radio set from transmission towers or mounting racks.
  • Test radio set to ascertain problem and perform disassembly operations to board level and check if minor adjustments can provide solutions, otherwise, perform troubleshooting with standards test equipment.
  • Perform visual examination for burnt parts, loose connections, broken lugs and open wirings and perform corrective action.
  • Download radio schematic diagrams of precise model number.
  • Perform in-circuit repairs or board level repairs, replacing entire circuits are required.
  • Perform voltmeter and component checks before soldering in place.
  • Perform functional testing of signal strength and sensitivity, reception quality, transmission capacity, signal delay and interference, using equipment like oscilloscopes, circuit analyzers, frequency meters, and volt meters.
  • Test emergency transmitters to ensure their readiness for immediate use.
  • Mount repaired and tested radio equipment on transmission towers and in racks in ships, airlines or radio rooms.

Radio Mechanic/ Technician Skills and Specifications

  • Should have high computer literacy and work under minimal supervision
  • Radio Mechanics in the Aviation and Shipping industries should have applicable FCC license.
  • Should have adequate verbal and writing communication skills for completing reports.

Radio Mechanic/ Technician Education and Qualifications

  • A minimum of 2-year of post-secondary vocational education in electronics or computer technology is basic.
  • A few years of experience in maintenance of computers, electronics and radio equipment gives an added advantage.

Radio Mechanic/ Technician Salary

The annual average salary of a Radio Mechanic or Technician is around  $21.16 hourly or $44,000 per annum.

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