Radio Operator Job Description

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Radio Operator Job Profile and Description

Also referred to as a Radio Communications Specialist and Radio Electronics Officer or Flight Communalizations Specialist, the Radio Operator handles radiotelegraph or radiotelephone equipment to receive and transmit communications data in accordance with government regulations. They are generally radio enthusiasts who may or may not repair radio equipment. You see them mostly operate in base stations in police stations, emergency/rescue operations, base camps of mountaineers as well as in ocean liners and ships, airport towers and military base camps.

Radio Operator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Monitor emergency frequencies to detect distress calls and respond by dispatching the required rescue and emergency equipment.
  • Operate High Frequency Single Side band (HF-SSB) radio equipment to communicate directly with aircraft in flight or ocean vessels, mining crews, offshore oil rigs, rescue and emergency workers, mountaineering and logging camps and other remote operations.
  • Broadcast weather reports and alerts.
  • Maintain station logs of messages transmitted and received for activities such as flight testing and fire locations.
  • Conduct periodic radio equipment inspections and perform routine tests to ensure unhampered operations when needed.
  • Operate audio-recording equipment to record signals and preserve broadcasts to assist in future analysis by intelligence personnel.
  • Maintain radio equipment for minor repairs and adjustment requirements.

Radio Operator Skills and Specifications

  • Should have high computer literacy and work under minimal supervision
  • Radio Operators in the Aviation and Shipping industries should have applicable FCC license
  • Should have extensive knowledge of accepted radio language and emergency situation codes
  • Should have a valid professional driver’s license
  • Should have adequate verbal and writing communication skills for completing reports.

Radio Operator Education and Qualifications

  • While a high school diploma is the minimum requirement, the increasing complexity of telecoms technologies has prompted companies to get applicants with a minimum of 2-year post- secondary vocational education in electronics or computer technology .
  • A few years experience in radio operation gives an advantage.

Radio Operator Salary

The annual average salary of a Radio Operator is around $21.99 hourly or $45,000 per annum.

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