Telecom Administrator Job Description

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Telecom Administrator Job Profile and Description

A telecom administrator provides technical support to the management in formulating policies with respect to telecommunications functions. He is in charge of planning and directing the installation and maintenance of telephone and communications systems and services. He discusses his plans with other departments to find out what voice or data telecommunications services are required or used. He also has to supervise the technical and clerical employees.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A telecom administrator is in charge of communications engineers and technicians and helps them in the designing, installation, operation and maintenance of municipal telecommunications systems
  • He should make sure that laws and regulations are followed in the licensing, operating and technical performance
  • He looks over project developments to ensure user satisfaction and internal consistency;
  • He evaluates data and arranges information, events, outputs and makes reports also presenting deficiencies in the data chain
  • He needs to prepare the budget of the telecommunications systems, operation and maintenance
  • He should make efforts to improve operations, decentralize work responsibilities and work in cooperation with other departments
  • He should endeavor to provide quality client service

Skills and Specifications

  • He should be aware of the principles and practices required in the maintenance and operation of the telecommunication system
  • Computer skills are important and he should be aware of the software and hardware required in this line
  • He should excel in research and methods of report preparation
  • He should be organized and systematic in order to successfully manage and control the project
  • He should also possess leadership qualities

Education and Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in electrical or electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and business administration is imperative. Specialization in telecommunications, electronic telecommunications systems and the design, and knowledge of construction and maintenance of municipal communications system are also preferred.

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