Telecom Analyst Job Description

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Telecom Analyst Job Profile and Description

A telecom analyst is responsible for an organization’s telecommunication system. He evaluates the equipments and takes complete care of them. He is responsible for the overall maintenance.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The main job of a telecom analyst is to ensure that the telecommunication system of the organization does not get disrupted.
  • He has to ensure that24x7 the telecommunication system and equipment is working.
  • He should perform in-depth analysis of the telecommunication system as per the requirement of the organization.
  • He is responsible for the research and improvisations on the telecommunication system of a organization to meet the industry standards.
  • He is responsible to identify the problems occurring in the telecommunication system of the industry and resolving them.
  • Some of them may also have to devise a fresh telecommunication system plan as per the organization’s requirements.
  • He might be required to train the rest of the staff how to use the telecommunication system to the best of abilities.
  • He needs to work within cost constraints and devise suitable tele communication plans for the organization.
  • He needs to monitor the volume of calls and devise a plan to effectively manage the same.
  • He may need to provide solutions to meet organization targets

Skills and Specifications

  • A Telecom analyst should have an analytical bend of might.
  • He should be able to work in a team and work towards resolving issues.
  • He should be aware of the basic technical software and applications in telecommunication required in this line of work
  • He should be equipped with mathematical skills.

Education and Qualifications

Those who are interested in becoming a telecom analyst should possess at least a 2 years associate degree or master degree in the field of telecommunications. He may specialize in mathematics, mechanical engineering, information technology or computer science.

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