Telecom Project Coordinator Job Description

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Telecom Project Coordinator Job Profile and Description

A telecom project coordinator is someone who is responsible for the outcome of a telecom project undertaken by an organization. He is an operational head who develops implements and revises the telecom project of an organization.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The main job of a telecom project coordinator is to understand the telecommunication needs of an organization and devise a project in accordance.
  • He is responsible for the proper implementation of the project.
  • He should be able to analyze the telecommunication requirements of an organization in depth and provide solutions for them.
  • He should be able to work in unison with the project manager towards the objective of the organization.
  • He should act like a bridge between the senior management and the project team mates so that both are aligned towards the same thought process.
  • He is responsible to guide the project members and make them understand the requirements of the project and the various accountabilities.
  • He might be required to train the rest of the staff how to use the telecommunication system to the best of their abilities.
  • He might need to perform all human resource job duties pertaining to this project.
  • He needs to monitor the performance of the people involved in this project.
  • He may need to provide solutions to meet organization goals

Skills and Specifications

  • A Telecom project coordinator should be analytical in his approach towards work.
  • He should be a team worker and have the skills to motivate and guide the team towards the project objective.
  • He should be solution driven and have an skills to provide out of box solutions.
  • He should possess excellent interpersonal skills as he is required to constantly work with a team and people.

Education and Qualifications

Those who are interested in becoming a telecom project analyst should be a graduate. Companies seem to prefer those who have specialized in this field of telecommunication or information technology. For a project coordinator those with previous experience are preferred for their skills to handle a team over and above freshers.

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