Telecommunications Analyst Job Description

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Telecommunications analyst Job Profile and Description

A telecommunications analyst is in charge of assessing and maintaining telecommunications system and equipment. He is a specialist who should have knowledge about various fields like network analysis, voice communications, data communications and operations center analysis. Analysts work primarily in offices but occasionally in an industrial setting.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A telecommunications analyst plans and implements changes to the system
  • He has to detect, understand, and fix problems in the network
  • He analyzes costs and volume of traffic on the system
  • He informs personnel of the capabilities of the system of any hitches in functioning
  • He suggests improvements to the authorities that will lead to better functioning
  • He coordinates strategies for in-house voice, data, and video equipment and related network connections
  • He has to configure and optimize telephone systems and services, PBX communication systems, voicemail, and video conferencing, internally and with Internet services
  • The analyst has to plan the administration and implementation of a organization’s telecommunications services in order to improve productivity and minimize costs
  • He has to occasionally monitor the network to ensure network availability and ensure network security

Ability and Specifications

  • In order to be successful telecommunications analyst, one should have very good analytical and math ability
  • He should also be an effective communicator and explain the problem clearly
  • Team work is very important as telecommunications analysts are part of a team and should cooperate with other workers in solving a problem
  • He should also possess leadership ability and should be able to guide others

Education and Qualifications

Depending on the designation and industry, the educational requirements for a telecommunications analyst can be a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in engineering. Areas of study include mechanical engineering, electrical, electronic engineering, computer science, information technology and mathematics or any related field.

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