Telecommunications Engineer Job Description

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Telecommunications engineer Job Profile and Description

A telecommunications engineer is an individual who specializes in the inspection and repair of any equipment or service related to the field of telecom. He has to understand and solve problems, assess the situation and make recommendations or suggestions on how to improve the service.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Telecommunication engineers should know how to use and support telecommunication equipment
  • They should identify, assess and find solutions to the various technical problems
  • They should also be able to anticipate problems in services and equipment and be ready with solutions even before they occur
  • They should visit and inspect sites regularly to see if any repair is required
  • The engineers should also give approval to the quality of the equipment and notify the concerned authorities if any change is needed
  • They should be able to promptly work in emergencies and be equipped to handle disruptions of service
  • They ought to know how to design and create telecommunications systems
  • Telecom engineers should be aware of government and company standards and procedures and apply or follow them accordingly

Skills and Specifications

  • A candidate interested in this field should be able to solve problems and have the ability to analyze situations that are critical to the job
  • Only bookish knowledge is not enough, one should be persistent, organized and use analytical ability to use the information and apply it practically
  • Good Communication skills both verbal and written are required
  • A telecom engineer ought to be able to meet deadlines and work under pressure
  • He should be a team player and work with different division and workers in the field

Education and Qualifications

Telecommunication engineers should hold either bachelors or master’s degrees in electrical, electronic or mechanical engineering. They should have a science background with specialization in math and physics.

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