Telecommunications Job Description

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Telecommunications Job Profile and Description

Telecommunications is a wide field and entails any service in the field of video, Internet and voice communications. Earlier, the telecommunications industry primarily dealt with wired or land line communications. But in recent times, specialized services like cable, satellite, wireless and Internet services have also come under the telecommunications umbrella.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • There can be many job profiles in this field and the job responsibilities will change according to the position.
  • Maintenance workers and those dealing with repairs work with cable lines and make sure that they are functioning properly
  • Installers also repair and maintain cables and equipment; they may also have to rearrange dialing and switching equipment
  • There are engineers who need to perform the high-level jobs and ensure proper functioning of the equipment
  • They may have to assist in planning cable routes and have to help in the installation of other equipment
  • They also supervise the expansion of existing hardware and find out and solve technical problems
  • They also play a specialized role in the development of equipment like data, voice and video systems
  • Client service also forms an important part in this job; they listen to clients’ queries and provide emergency assistance and also explain technical details to the clients

Skills and Specifications

  • As this is a technical job, knowledge of the functioning of various equipment and other technical details should be known
  • They should also be cordial and sympathetic to the problems of the clients and explain to them the solution in a lucid manner
  • Sometimes these kinds of work involves running around, even in bad weather; hence they should be hardworking and physically fit

Education and Qualifications

For high-level jobs a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering is preferred. Otherwise, one can also go for a diploma from institutes which teach these professional courses.

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