Telecommunications Manager Job Description

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Telecommunications manager Job Profile and Description

A telecommunications manager plans and directs the staff, comprising supervisors and technical workers, in the installation, maintenance and operation of telecom networks and equipment. He supervises the development and installation of new sites and facilities, and performs other management-related duties as and when required.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A manager in the telecommunications field has to plan, assign and direct the employees who are engaged in construction, installation, maintenance and operation of different telecommunications systems and support items
  • He studies and formulates technical, installation, corrective, preventative maintenance standards
  • He also has to inspect the quality of the equipment and undertake site inspection to determine if they are complying with government standards, rules and regulations.
  • He analyzes manpower requirements and makes suggestions accordingly
  • He has to conduct and direct field tests to ensure efficiency and durability of equipment
  • He is involved in the planning, development and construction of new telecommunications buildings and sites and has to make sure that users are satisfied and there is internal consistency
  • He has to build and sustain cordial relations between state and local agencies, the public and employees
  • He needs to prepare specifications related to bids for equipment like towers, spectrum, power plants and test equipment
  • He has to prepare the company budget and correspondence which deals with the telecom systems, operation and maintenance problems and cost estimates

Skills and Specifications

  • A telecommunications manager must have the basic technical knowledge of how to design, construct, maintain, operate and test all equipment.
  • He should be aware of the government, both state and local, regulations related to the installation and operation of the telecommunications systems

Education and Qualifications

A person interested in this field must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in electrical, electronic, mechanical or communications engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, business management or related field.

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