Telecommunications Network Engineer Job Description

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Telecommunications network engineer Job Profile and Description

A telecommunications network engineer aims to eliminate problems that arise in the telecom network and also suggests solutions for the smoother and efficient functioning of the system. He sets project objectives, standards and milestones for building, upgrades and expansions plans.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Telecommunications network engineers have to prepare cost/benefit, feasibility and impact studies of any new network software or hardware to be used
  • They must to meet the customer’s needs by recognizing short-range and long-range voice/data communications areas
  • He needs to develop design requirements and accordingly adapt and change the telecommunications network engineering approaches
  • He has to arrange for installation requirements and use them as needed
  • He is the communication link between managers and employees in the telecommunications industry
  • He collects, examines data and sends along relevant information
  • During troubleshooting, he identifies and evaluates different options and chooses the right course of action to solve the hitch
  • He reviews open issues and action items
  • He is also responsible for training and guiding entry-level technicians
  • He also sees to the promptness of delivery of telecom equipment and materials
  • He may serve as a backup to telecom network director

Skills and Specifications

  • The most important skill required in this field is the knowledge of the technical details required in the day to the day job
  • They must be prompt in emergency situations and confidently and quickly handle the problem
  • They should have leadership qualities and be able to guide the team of workers

Education and Qualifications

The basic qualifications required for this position is a bachelor’s degree in electrical, electronic or mechanical engineering. Prior experience in the telecommunications industry for higher level posts is preferred. If he has prior experience with translations, traffic and cellular/wireless, that is also preferred.

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