Telecommunications Specialist Job Description

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Telecommunications specialist Job Profile and Description

Telecommunications specialists design voice and data communication systems according to their clients’ needs and requirements. They also supervise the installation of these systems and then assist the clients on how to maintain the system and advise on service after the installation takes place. They should only solve technical problems but also anticipate the problems and offer solutions beforehand.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A telecommunications specialist takes care of processing and auditing an organization’s telecommunications invoices
  • He has to monitor wireless devices and other equipment
  • He interacts with vendors and offers advice on negotiations
  • He needs to inspect and perform tower structural analysis for the placement of antennae
  • The specialist also has to oversee and direct the construction of varied communications facilities
  • He should work with other divisions, such as the telecommunications division or people from a particular project
  • He ought to be able to fix the problem when the equipment goes faulty
  • He should distribute work assignments and serve as a technical resource

Skills and Specifications

  • He needs to be knowledgeable about the basic technical details of the telecommunications field
  • He should be a team player and also possess leadership skills
  • He should be cordial towards other divisions and workers too
  • He should remain calm under pressure and perform emergency troubleshooting when required
  • Customer service and communication skills are also important
  • He should have strong background in math and ought to be good with numbers

Education and Qualifications

A telecommunications specialist ought to at least have a bachelor’s degree in electronics, electrical or telecommunications engineering. Other job profiles related to that of a telecommunications specialist include that of a wireless specialist, telecom engineer, telecommunications technician etc. Some companies require a certification in the area of telecommunications. Prior experience is preferred for senior posts.

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