Telecommunications Technician Job Description

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Telecommunications technician Job Profile and Description

Technicians who work with equipment related to the field of telecommunications are called Telecommunications technicians. This equipment may be telephone systems, routers, fax machines, internet-related machines and other telecommunications systems and the technician has to ensure these are working properly. They don’t just solve problems, but also maintain and inspect the equipment before the problems even arise.

Duties and Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of the telecom technicians depend according their different grades. Main duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Those at the entry-level have to work under the supervision of a journey-level technician, that is, one who can start and finish a large number of activities independently
  • Journey-level officers can take care of installation, modification and repair of voice, data and video communications and so on
  • Telecommunications technicians have to work on job sites under the higher-level employees, who deal with more advanced telecommunications systems
  • They should operate convergence technologies which include IP protocols, voice-over convergence and other fundamentals of telecommunication
  • Telecommunications technicians have to conduct site surveys and meet contacts like business managers, construction crew members, utility company personnel, and people from other divisions
  • They have to undertake telecommunications systems upgrade and answer queries related to system controls, and maintenance of the system in general

Skills and Specifications

  • They should have knowledge of all the technical details of how the equipment functions
  • They ought to also know about computers, telephone and cable equipment, network protocols and documentation
  • They should be able to work under pressure, especially in emergency situations
  • They ought to work with confidence under limited supervision and provide detailed reports
  • Physical fitness is also important as they have to lift heavy objects
  • They should be agile, have good hand-eye coordination and ought to be comfortable using power tools

Education and Qualifications

Telecom technicians should at least possess degrees in electrical or electronic engineering

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