Airline Operations Control Job Description

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Airline Operations Control Trainee Job Profile and Description

The Airline Operations Control trainee works with a team of operations controllers (not air traffic controllers) who are responsible for managing daily airline flights operations as scheduled. The trainee sits beside a veteran airline operations controller in a computer console monitoring aircraft movements, catering, maintenance, fueling, cabin cleaning and other pre-flight activities in preparation for passenger boarding, cargo/baggage loading, weight and balance and flight dispatch.

Airline Operations Control Trainee Duties and Responsibilities

  • Help operations controllers in making daily reports on the flights they handled and any disruptions managed.
  • Perform tasks as may be directed by controllers and the operations manager
  • Attend computer classes to learn navigating through the airline’s operation control system.
  • Attend air transport courses as sponsored by the company to widen their knowledge.
  • Take down notes and learn all they can about controlling airline operations on a routine and in cases of flight disruption
  • Help the controllers in maintaining desk terminal console cleanliness.
  • Report to IT technicians any problems in the console system

Airline Operations Control Trainee Skills and Specifications

  • Should exhibit above average comprehension ability to make heads and tails of routine and special problems encountered in airline operations.
  • Should have excellent verbal communication skills to deal with various airline and 3rd party operations supporting the airline schedules

Airline Operations Control Trainee Education and Qualifications

  • A 2-4 year college course in Commerce and Public Relations is necessary to starting a career in airline operations control
  • A few years experience in any area of airline operations work gives an edge

Airline Operations Control Trainee Salary

Operations trainees command a variety of salary levels depending on the airline. The average salary of an airfield operations specialists dealing is around $44,000 per annum. Trainees can expect to earn lower than the median depending on the airline.

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