Automated Warehouse Operations Job Description

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Automated Warehouse Operations Trainee Job Profile and Description

The Automated Warehouse Operator trainee is an individual for an apprenticeship position to becoming fill-fledged Automated Warehouse Inventory Systems Operator who is responsible for handling the robotic operations of a large commercial warehouse or logistics organization. The position also calls for knowledge in essential manual operation in case of robotic breakdown, but for the most part, it’s all about mastering the operations of the robotic retrieval and binning operations of a warehouse.

Automated Warehouse Operations Trainee Duties and Responsibilities

  • Help the warehouse system operator in performing routine system maintenance task such as ensuring robotic arms are properly maintained and database maintenance performed on schedule
  • Perform computer and robotic tasks as may be directed by the system operator and warehouse manager.
  • Prepare the daily summary of in/out logs and non-compliant incidents
  • Attend meetings with the system operator on matter relating to the functioning of the warehouse systems.
  • Provide the IT division with system performance reports on new enhancements made for the warehousing system.

Automated Warehouse Operations Trainee Skills and Specifications

  • A few years of experience in operating a warehouse or any part of a supply chain management process for a thorough understanding of the warehousing process and its implication to the business
  • Outstanding organizing skills and reasonably adequate computer literacy
  • Familiarity in handling Mainframe, RISC, UNIX or Windows-based warehousing robotics and inventory management systems depending on the corporate system used.

Automated Warehouse Operations Trainee Education and Qualifications

An associate degree in computer programming or computer science from a community college is essential but a 3-4 year experience as a warehouse operator can be essential for the job.

Automated Warehouse Operations Trainee Salary

Warehouse operator salaries depend on the industry logistics they look after. In some industries, you can expect a average of $28,000 annual salary while airline warehouse operators can earn twice as much. As a robotics systems operator is a highly technical IT job, you can earn more. But as a trainee, don’t expect to earn more than the average.

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