CGI Special Effects Job Description

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CGI Special Effects Trainee Job Profile and Description

Along with other film employees that makes actors and backdrops look realistic and appropriate for the imagery, the Special Effects team consisting of pyrotechnicians for explosions, stuntmen for life-threatening actions, brings film making into the computerized graphics technology or CGI generation that has pushed the envelope in cinematic realism never before possible. The CGI Special Effects Trainee works with veteran CGI specialists to learn the profession which is hardly taught in colleges but are learned from on-the-job hands-on apprenticeship.

CGI Special Effects Trainee Duties and Responsibilities

  • Help the CGI specialist in choosing the blue or green backdrop materials for filming
  • Help the film crew in setting up green or blue background for actions that will be captured with an extraordinary digital cameras for compositing with the CGI Silicon Graphics Workstations
  • Work with CGI specialists in operating the workstations that run the sequential special effect animation and rendering software
  • Help maintain the database of templated creatures designed on the special effects database
  • Performa CGI tasks as may be directed by CGI specialists
  • Attend relevant seminars and workshops on CGI techniques

CGI Special Effects Trainee Skills and Specifications

  • Should have a sharp attention to scene detail with exceptional visualization ability for compositing complex scenes into a cohesive whole.
  • Outstanding computer literacy and a fast learning ability in advance computer technologies
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal teamwork skills to work with fellow CGI artists to finalize the scene.

CGI Special Effects Trainee Education and Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree in fine arts, commercial or industrial arts or a BA degree in Theater Production, or an equivalent experience in theater arts is necessary.
  • A diploma or associate degree in Computer Graphics gives an edge

CGI Special Effects Trainee Salary

The average salary for a special effects specialist in CGI averages $49,000 per annum depending on the studio or the area of work assigned to. An entry level apprentice position will earn significantly less than the average salary.

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