Hotel Management Trainee Job Description

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Hotel management trainee Job Profile and Description

A hotel management trainee has to help the different divisions in a hotel and help them in their daily operations, thereby contributing to the overall operational competence by completing the relevant duties as assigned. Hotel management trainees may have to work with convention and event planners, front desk managers, general managers, culinary division, and learn from them.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • During the training period, the trainee should acquire a good working knowledge of the hospitality sector, the top competitors, the volume of traffic and the hotel experiences and so on.
  • A hotel management trainee will learn how to provide status reports on periodic basis
  • He will study the client satisfaction feedback, report on the results and make the essential suggestions on how to improve the relationship with them
  • He should also know about the company protocol and follow them
  • He should be able to coordinate and meet budget goals and also contribute his suggestions to the marketing and sales division
  • He should have the basic understanding of accounting

Skills and Specifications

  • The hospitality business thrives on cordial behavior and excellent service. Hence a trainee in this field should have very good communication skills and know how to connect with the clients
  • He should be organized, neat, well-groomed and have excellent time management skills
  • Knowledge of more languages is an added advantage as it helps in intercultural communication
  • He should be disciplined, punctual and know how to remain calm even in a conflict situation
  • He may have to work for long hours, especially during vacation or peak seasons
  • For certain division, expertise in numbers is also required

Education and Qualifications

There are many institutes, mainly private colleges that provide degrees and diplomas in hotel management. These colleges also provide specialization in various divisions in this highly competitive industry.

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