HR Trainee Job Description

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HR Trainee Job Profile and Description

A trainee working in the human resource or HR division is given responsibilities of different aspects of the division, which would help him to progress to the officer level. The HR division is like a link between the employees and employers and plays a major role in keeping the various functioning of the office smooth. The HR trainee has to assist with the production and implementation of the organization’s HR policies and procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • An HR trainee works with representatives of different divisions to discuss issues within their groups
  • If required, they should refer the issues to senior HR staff, the management, training division, administration etc.
  • He should help other divisions in the recruitment process through a collaboration with consulting agencies and advertisers
  • He has to identify and select prospective candidates, interview them and give job offers of behalf of the management
  • He is also responsible for conducting induction programs of the new employees
  • He has to take care of the collection of market salary information for the annual review
  • He should update monthly payroll, leave records etc of the employees
  • He also have to answer different queries from other personnel in the organization
  • He ought to accurately collect facts and statistics to make financial calculations for planning and other uses

Skills and Specifications

  • Those interested in developing a career in HR should possess strong oral and written communication skills
  • He should have good administrative and organizational skills
  • He should be interested in working with people and ought to be a team player
  • He ought to be able to act in a confidential manner and should be sensitive to others’ needs

Education and Qualifications

There are many management courses which offer degrees and diplomas in human resource. Besides that, you need to hold a bachelor’s degree, preferably with a commerce background.

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