Marketing Trainee Job Description

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Marketing trainee Job Profile and Description

A marketing trainee gets to learn about a organization’s marketing business by assisting in projects in the field of corporate marketing for a designated period of time, after which he is assigned to a position in staff marketing or field sales. Building a brand and promoting it is very significant for an organization, and here comes the role of marketing personnel.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Marketing trainees should have the basic knowledge of the different advertising techniques and strategies to be used
  • They should undertake market research in order to find out their target client, their needs and requirements and connect it to the organization’s objectives
  • They should analyze the demographic details of the clients and accordingly form marketing strategies
  • Trainees should make a complete list of targeted resellers and be in constant touch with them, either through phone calls, mails or personal visits
  • They should keep proper records of sales and other numbers
  • They have to meet potential clients and explain to them the different aspects of the product or services, in order to get more clients
  • They need to have a good contact with ad agencies and public relations firms
  • They also have help with the marketing campaign by copywriting, client follow up and so on

Skills and Specifications

  • Communication skills should be exceptional, both written and oral
  • He should be self-driven, motivated and enthusiastic about his work
  • He ought to be persuasive and a good negotiator
  • He should be hardworking as these kinds of jobs require a lot of field work

Education and Qualifications

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in commerce or a degree in business management with specialization in sales and marketing are ideal for this job. A degree in mass communication course in public relations and marketing is also imperative.

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