Risk Management Job Description

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Risk Management Trainee Job Profile and Description

Risk Management trainees is an apprenticeship work in learning the disciplines under the supervision of a season risk manager. The trainee is expected to learn how to assess the various risks that a business faces in its operations and dealing with the general public. It’s often not enough to make a thorough risk assessment but the business is more interested in implementing action plans, policy and procedural changes for risk avoidance and mitigation. These things are learned on the job.

Risk Management Trainee Duties and Responsibilities

  • Help the risk management head identify potential risks from within and outside the organization.
  • Help in the development of risk mitigating plans and programs, policies and procedures to neutralize or reduce effects of threats and reduce or offset financials risks
  • Help in the development of position papers in recommending risk avoidance measures and mitigation procedures whenever applicable.
  • Maintain record on application, renewals, reinstatements and cancellations of insurance plans

Risk Management Trainee Skills and Specifications

  • Should have strong analytical and integrative skills to provide risk scenarios for management appraisal
  • Should have excellent verbal and written communication to prepare and present recommendation to higher management
  • A supervisory experience in line operations from a related or similar industry gives an added advantage
  • Should have ability to multitask and work under extreme work pressure and long hours
  • Should have basic computer literacy to work on word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications.

Risk Management Trainee Education and Qualifications

  • A 4-year college degree in mathematics, actuaries, accounting, commerce or business administration is essential
  • An MBA is preferred.

Risk Management Trainee Salary

The salaries of management trainees vary with the kind of industry and division within an organization where you work. The average salary is about $44,000 per annum. Trainees in IT often have the highest salaries but risk management trainees in insurance and high risk industries like airlines are not far.

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