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Surveyor Trainee Job Profile and Description

A licensed Surveyor makes precise measurements to define and determine property boundaries for private and government organizations and individuals. They are responsible in defining airspace for airports, mining franchise areas and land development and civil works. To become one requires the relevant tertiary course but can be done with equivalent years of apprenticeship as a Surveyor Trainee. Both routes will require passing a state licensure.

Surveyor Trainee Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist the Surveyor in determining and verifying the accuracy of survey data such as land measurements and calculations made at survey sites.
  • Prepare for approval descriptive narratives and tables on property boundary surveys to be used in property deeds of sale or leases.
  • Assist the Surveyor in recording survey results
  • Prepare data, plots, maps, charts, records, and documents related to surveys
  • Search legal survey records, land titles in government archives as may be relevant in legal and survey proceedings
  • Attend symposiums, lectures, seminars and workshops on land surveying methods and technologies
  • Perform relevant and related tasks as may be directed by the Surveyor

Surveyor Trainee Skills and Specifications

  • Should have high comprehension skills
  • Should have adequate computer literacy to work on PC application and the internet as well as office databases of scanned survey documents
  • Should have adequate verbal and written communication skills in English

Surveyor Trainee Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is necessary to apprenticeship position as a surveyor or survey technician.
  • Post secondary education such as vocational training gives an edge preparatory to getting the appropriate state license from the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) to become a full-fledge Surveyor

Surveyor Trainee Salary

The average annual salary for licensed Surveyors is around $55,000 with the lowest 10% earning around $31,600 and the middle 50% getting between $40,800 and $72,000. As a Surveyor Trainee and without a license, you can expect to earn a bit lower than the lowest 10% depending on the state or company you work with.

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