Trainee Air Traffic Controller Job Description

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Trainee Air Traffic Controller Job Profile and Description

The Air Traffic Controller position is a highly sensitive job that only a few can qualify. After graduating from the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City, passing a drug screening test and getting the medical and security clearances, candidates are already assigned to an air traffic control facility as “Developmental Controllers” or trainees. Depending on the facility, training is accomplished from 2 to 4 years during which time the trainees are required to complete all requirements to become certified air controllers.

Trainee Air Traffic Controller Duties and Responsibilities

  • Follow orders directed by the senior or lead air controllers
  • Print out flight plans and other pertinent flight data to pilots.
  • Comply with requirements and undertake training as required to become a licensed air controller
  • Provide clerical and administrative support for the least air controller as required.
  • Perform task as delegated by the lead air traffic controller.

Trainee Air Traffic Controller Skills and Specifications

  • Must have excellent verbal communication skills to articulate directions to pilots quickly and without ambiguity.
  • Must exhibit a high level of decisiveness when presented with information where an action is needed at the quickest possible time.
  • Must have excellent memory to process information to interpret and remember while discharging their functions.
  • Must have the ability to focus on critical maters and make decisions amidst noise and distractions.
  • Must be able to follow orders and directions quickly and to the letter.

Trainee Air Traffic Controller Education and Qualifications

  • At least 4 year college degree is basic or a 3-year progressive full time work experience or a combination of 1 year of undergraduate study and 9 months of work experience.
  • Alternatively, a successfully completion of a 2-4 year aviation related study through the FAA’s Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI)

Trainee Air Traffic Controller Salary

Air traffic controllers earn a median annual of $112,000 as of 2008. 50% earned between $71,000 and $144,000. The average annual salary given by the Federal government where 90% of air controller works is $109,000.

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